With your help, we have achieved many accomplishments through the partnerships and collaborations between my office and local citizens, businesses, community groups, and other elected officials.

A select few of our accomplishments include:

COVID – Leading the community and city operations during the COVID pandemic. My administration continues to provide resources to residents during this unprecedented time.

Infrastructure – City infrastructure and road resurfacing continue to be priorities. This year I am excited that we will have over seven major projects started this year with over $21 million towards our roads and infrastructure this year alone.  My administration has secured over $13 million in grants, saving Barberton taxpayers money for these projects.

New Jobs and Downtown Development – My administration has brought in new jobs to Barberton including Eurofins, Akron Rubber Development Laboratories, and Hannecard, to name a few.  We’ve also secured new jobs with expansions at BWXT, Novation SI (RD Abbott), and Howmet Aerospace.  This year we will welcome the return of Barberton Tree to Barberton and other new businesses including Coparts, and the Magic Market Place.

Community Outreach - Over $77,000.00 was raised in donations by my administration for area non-profits that directly impact and improve the quality of life for Barberton residents.  This money continues to be raised through charitable efforts such as Change for Change, jeans days, and additional events with local businesses.

Restoring Neighborhoods - Stabilizing property values by removing over 250 condemned and blighted housing units from City neighborhoods.  We are committed to rebuilding our residential districts by reinstituting these City lots for new home construction or additional yard space for residents.